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A unique inspiring artist

Ethereal UK

Ethereal is the work of Swedish born Thai transgender solo artist Waritsara 'Yui' Karlberg. The stage name itself exudes the kind of music -- mainly ambient electronica  combined with a 'haunting ambient head voice'

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A unique talent

Audiences are captivated by the gorgeous, deeply personal songs, supported  by her multi instrumental skills combining each song with perhaps a violin, a dulcimer type instrument called an anuntar, or a Thai traditional guitar called a pin, as well as her head voice. 

Ethereal UK (Yui) was signed to XYYX Records in July of 2018 

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A captivating performer!

Ethereal UK draws the audience in with an intimate and magical personal style.

Her original, heartfelt singing, playing and writing sets her apart!


A infinitely listenable album!

The album can be listened to over and over again as the music soothes and evokes deep inner emotions.

"Restless Mind" [Official Video]

Art in music form.  A picture of a restless soul.  Unique.....  Could of only been conceived by a true artistic talent.  Like viewing a masterpiece, you are invited in to go on a journey with this restless mind.  - Jane Lambie